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Drupal 10: Improving The Content Editing Experience


When it comes to website content management systems, Drupal and WordPress have long been regarded as the leading platforms. While WordPress has traditionally been lauded for its ease of use, Drupal has been favoured by enterprises and organisations for its flexibility, security, and powerful content modelling capabilities. With the release of Drupal 10, the game has changed. This new iteration of Drupal brings significant improvements to the content editing experience, making it as user-friendly as WordPress, while still maintaining its edge in terms of flexibility, enterprise features, security, and content modelling.

Enhanced Content Editing Experience

Drupal 10 prioritises the user experience by offering a revamped content editing interface. The interface has been streamlined and simplified, allowing website owners and content editors to create and manage content more efficiently. With an intuitive and user-friendly editing environment, Drupal 10 makes it easier for even non-technical users to navigate and update their websites.

The new visual page builder in Drupal 10 empowers website owners with the ability to design and modify pages using a drag-and-drop interface. This feature bridges the gap between ease of use and customisation, providing website owners with greater control over the appearance of their site without sacrificing the flexibility that Drupal is known for.

Superiority in Flexibility

One of the key factors that has always set Drupal apart from WordPress is its unmatched flexibility. Drupal 10 continues to excel in this aspect, enabling website owners to create highly customised and complex websites tailored to their specific needs. The robust Drupal API and modular architecture allow for extensive customisation and integration with third-party systems. Whether it's creating unique content types, implementing complex workflows, or integrating with enterprise systems, Drupal 10 offers unparalleled flexibility that surpasses what WordPress can offer.

Enterprise-Grade Features

Drupal has long been the go-to choice for enterprise-level websites due to its advanced features and scalability. With Drupal 10, enterprise website owners can expect even more robust capabilities to meet their complex requirements. The platform provides multi-site management, allowing organisations to efficiently manage multiple websites from a single Drupal installation. Additionally, Drupal's powerful access control and user management system ensures granular control over user roles and permissions, essential for large organisations with multiple content contributors and stakeholders.

Security at its Core

Drupal has always been lauded for its strong emphasis on security, and Drupal 10 reinforces this reputation. The Drupal Security Team actively monitors and addresses vulnerabilities to provide a secure environment for website owners. The platform regularly releases security updates, ensuring that your website is protected against the latest threats. The robust security infrastructure of Drupal, combined with a large and vigilant community of contributors, continues to make it a top choice for organisations that prioritize data protection.

Advanced Content Modelling

Content modelling is a critical aspect of website development, particularly for websites that deal with complex data structures. Drupal 10 takes content modelling to the next level, allowing website owners to create and manage content types with ease. The enhanced Content Moderation module in Drupal 10 enables customisable workflows, making it simpler to create, review, and publish content in a controlled manner. With its powerful entity and field API, Drupal offers a level of content modelling flexibility that surpasses what is possible with WordPress, making it the ideal choice for organisations with intricate content structures.


With the release of Drupal 10, website owners now have the best of both worlds. The platform has significantly improved the content editing experience, making it as user-friendly as WordPress. However, Drupal 10 maintains its superiority over WordPress in terms of flexibility, enterprise features, security, and content modelling capabilities. Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise looking for a robust and customisable content management system, Drupal 10 is an excellent choice that strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and advanced functionality.

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