Revolutionising Content Management in Drupal with Mercury Editor
Drupal sometimes carries a perception of being less user-friendly compared to other content management systems like WordPress, particularly for site editors and marketers. Enter Mercury Editor: making Drupal just as intuitive and easy to use as any other CMS on the market.
Fighting Spam on Drupal
There are several effective strategies you can implement to fight spam and maintain a clean and user-friendly website. In this blog post, we will explore some valuable tips to protect Drupal forms from spammers.
Drupal 10: Improving The Content Editing Experience
This new iteration of Drupal brings significant improvements to the content editing experience, making it as user-friendly as WordPress, while still maintaining its edge in terms of flexibility, enterprise features, security, and content modelling.
Drupal Vs WordPress
At Problue Solutions we are big fans of the Drupal content management system (actually, framework is a better description of Drupal). We consider Drupal to be head shoulders above any other CMS, and the best choice for a new website.
Our thoughts on Content Management Systems
If you run your own website or you are thinking of getting a new website developed, you will probably have come across the term content management system (CMS).